Rs 60000 Rs 50000

Jaltest Telematics in the first solution in the market than combines traditional fleet management and innovative capacities, such as remote multi-brand diagnostics or predictive maintenance. Through an on-board device, Jaltest Telematics is able to collect real data from the vehicle and its control units remotely and in real time, providing the user with exceptional power for fleet management.


Jaltest Off Highway Vehicle Scanner

Rs 350000 Rs 312000

Construction, earthmoving, cleaning and road maintenance machinery (street sweepers)… are vehicles exposed to extreme working conditions for long work days and, consequently, they are exposed to numerous failures. Stationary engine is another type of machinery manufactured to withstand long work cycles.


Jaltest SST

Rs 60000 Rs 53000

Jaltest SST is an equipment designed to check the correct operation of active and passive speed sensors, as well as to simulate both sensors to detect possible errors in the ECUs to which they are connected.