Jaltest Telematics

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Jaltest Telematics in the first solution in the market than combines traditional fleet management and innovative capacities, such as remote multi-brand diagnostics or predictive maintenance. Through an on-board device, Jaltest Telematics is able to collect real data from the vehicle and its control units remotely and in real time, providing the user with exceptional power for fleet management.

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Jaltest Telematics enables you to know the real state of the vehicle at all times and, in case of anomaly, to carry out advanced actions remotely to maintain the vehicle on route, such as error clearance, unit and counter resets, or particulate filter regeneration.



We use Artificial Intelligence models to detect possible failures before they occur and to establish maintenance windows according to the useful life of each component. These capacities help to reduce unexpected events and to maximise the vehicle availability, which implies saving costs, greater fleet safety and more optimisation of resources and vehicles.



Thanks to the collection of all variables associated to the driving performance, gathered by the vehicle, and an adequate data treatment with Machine Learning techniques, it is possible to analyse the driving style objectively and without route, vehicle or load bias.



The Optimal Driving Fleet platform collects and shows in an easy way the complete business intelligence and information associated to its fleet and it enables interaction with them from any PC or mobile device.

1. Predictive maintenance

2. Vehicle location in real time

3. Advanced remote diagnostics

4. Tachograph management

5. Reports

Select these and other services in our configurator and find out the Jaltest Telematics solution that best suits your business.



All Jaltest Telematics on-board devices are entirely designed and produced in Cojali; where the life cycle of the product is controlled, from electronics to final deployment in the vehicle.

1. Maximum connectivity: proprietary electronic design, affordable and compact.

2. FOTA (Firmware On The Air) Devices that can be remotely updated

3. High reliability and robustness in the event of an accident or complex external manipulation.


Jaltest builds on all the gained experience in more than 20 years of leadership in multi-brand Diagnostics of commercial vehicle and all the information gathered in sessions of diagnosis, on-board telematics and technical assistance, to obtain the maximum performance of the data obtained from the vehicle and remote diagnostics.

Thanks to the application of advanced analytics and Artificial Intelligence models about the gathered information, it is possible to identify patterns and tendencies and to extrapolate behaviours that enable progress toward real predictive maintenance, without false alarms, reducing the vehicle time at the workshop as much as possible and the unexpected events on road.