New Ampro SCR Doser Testing Machine

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SCR urea pump controller is perfectly compatible with Windows and Android operating system. The test software can be installed on any Windows and Android device. SCR urea pump controller can automatically identify the connected test equipment, and can turn on/off this function in the system settings,Available in t...

Jaltest Commercial Vehicle Scanner

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Diagnostics for commercial vehicle Scanner

Jaltest CV stands as a benchmark in the commercial vehicle repair sector due to its great advantages and possibilities when it comes to carry out diagnostics and maintenance services in an efficient way in trucks, buses, trailers, light commercial vehicles and pickup trucks.

It offers complete coverage, including ne...


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Speed Sensor Tester

Jaltest SST is a small portable equipment designed to check the correct operation of active and passive speed sensors. It has two operating modes that comprise tests of both the sensor and the ECU to which it is connected.

Through a lighting panel of LED devices, the user can easily detect potential errors without carrying out difficult a...

Jaltest Telematics

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Jaltest Telematics enables you to know the real state of the vehicle at all times and, in case of anomaly, to carry out advanced actions remotely to maintain the vehicle on route, such as error clearance, unit and counter resets, or particulate filter regeneration.



We use A...